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CSE tutoring

What is your tutoring style for computer programming?

I am rather strict here, because code that you submit must be your own; people are often caught plagiarizing code, so the more original your code, the more likely you'll emerge unscathed.

Can you help me with syntax (structure)?

Yes, I'll be happy to explain how commands and functions work. I will give barebones examples; I will only handwrite them, not type them.

What are some of your guidelines tutoring computer programming?

All variables and functions/commands you name yourself must be your own - I will not help name them for you because otherwise everyone will use the same variables as mine, which increases the likelihood of plagiarism. I will NOT type any code for you; all code you submit must be typed up yourself.

Can you debug my code?

Yes! I'd be happy to explain why errors might pop up in your code and advise you on how to avoid them in the future.

What could help me succeed in this course if I have never taken programming courses before?

If you have used a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets, that would be very helpful, especially if you know how to use basic formulas and commands like the IF function. If you're really good at algebra, especially if you're familiar with piecewise functions, or have taken a logic course beforehand, that can actually be more useful than you realize.

Non-UW students

Do you tutor students in elementary/middle/high school?

Unfortunately, I do not at this time, because of my commute from Pierce County to Seattle.

As a college student, can I be tutored if I do not attend UW?

I do, but UW students receive first priority.

Math tutoring

Why don't you tutor statistics?

I do not enjoy statistics that much.

Do you tutor the SAT, ACT, or GRE?

I do not at this time.

Do you tutor math placement tests?

Yes, I can tutor you for the UW math placement tests. (This is NOT the same as tutoring for the AP/IB math tests.) Keep in mind that even if you are satisfied with your placement, make sure your math skills are fresh for the course you place into.

What is your tutoring style for math?

I am rather laid back and flexible when I tutor math. I'll ask you what you'd like to go over - homework, test preparations, content review, etc. - and then we'll proceed from there. I can figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are pretty quickly.

Weather tutoring

What's your tutoring style for weather?

I'm very loose here. I will ask you what you've learned in the class recently and ask you what topics are giving you trouble. I'll answer all your questions and show you where in your notes, textbook, etc. to look for more detailed information.

Can you help with the weather contest?

I will show you some tools that meteorologists often use, including those shown by your instructor and TAs. I will NOT submit numbers like temperature, measurable precipitation, whether there'll be thunder and lightning, etc. - you must submit those yourself for the weather contest.