What to Expect from Me in a Typical Tutoring Session

Tutoring, not teaching

My number one job as a tutor is to guide you through problems to the point that you can solve them on your own by taking what you have learned in class and through course materials and applying the concepts.  This is not the same as doing homework, projects or tests for you; this constitutes plagiarism and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  I will guide you where help is needed during the tutoring sessions, but the ultimate goal is to apply these skills confidently by yourself.

No promises

I will not make promises to you.  It is entirely up to you to set your own goals.  Perseverance and patience are key to making them succeed.  I am not at fault if you do not achieve your goals.  However, I will strive to help you attain what you aim for, but know that this will depend on how much you can further yourself by studying through course materials, working on practice problems, and attending classes.  The more effort you put in, the more likely you will realize your goals.

Professional setting

You will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.  I am a patient person who will make sure you understand how to solve a particular problem, no matter how long it takes.


No two students are completely the same; everyone has different styles and rates of learning.  Some prefer illustrations; others prefer equations.  Some only need one problem to understand an algorithm; others might need 15 or more to learn.  I will adapt to your ways of learning by whatever means necessary.

No discrimination

I will not discriminate based on appearance, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual identity, gender identity, knowledge level, major (or lack thereof), grade level, or any other means that might intimidate you.  Special accommodations will be made upon request.  If you have any concerns, let me know immediately.

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